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Welcome to your place to find an array of gummy mold products.

We reckon you are what you eat, so being able to make your own sweet treats from gelatine makes the ‘naughty’ part just a little bit nicer and actually good for you!


  • Gelatine is a pretty spectacular health food and quality gelatine is important.  Source pasture fed gelatine (avoiding GMO’s).  We use ‘Great Lakes’ unflavored gelatine (You can buy it on Amazon or Health Post in New Zealand). It is an excellent source of protein, collagen and amino acids.


  • Not only does it boost gut health (perfect after antibiotics), it is also great for joint health and helps build healthy hair and nails.  It can also aid digestion as it naturally binds to water, helping food pass through the digestive tract.  Wonderful for little growing people and adults alike.  We take our gummies daily!


  • It’s easy to prepare your own preservative and additive free gummy vitamins. Add extra vitamin C, probiotic powder, spirulina, bee pollen, maca powder (ginseng) or fish oil to help achieve additional health benefits for tasty paleo snacks.  Check out our sugar free recipes on our recipe page and tips on working with gelatin or agar agar (vegan alternative). 


  • Top quality Materials – Piece of mind is knowing what is in your family’s food and how it is made. Our molds are 100% food grade silicone; No plastic fillers. SGS Tested, Free of BPA, PVC & Phthalates, FDA & LFGB European Standard approved- working temperature of -40 F – 446 F. Safe for dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer.

Lime Sour Gummies – Lime juice, raw honey & gelatine. That’s it!